Високо в планината Там, където въздухът е чист, пасищата тучни, а животните се наслаждават на свободата, се ражда Бредас. В чиста среда Чистата храна дава здраве и сили на нашите животни за един пълноценен живот. Живот на свобода Нашите животни се наслаждават на свободата си ежедневно, защото вярваме, че естествената им среда е най-доброто за тях.

Pure Meat

Try the taste of nature! Raised freely in their natural environment, in the high mountain pastures of the Rila and Rhodope Mountains, our animals live stress-free and feed among the lush meadows, drink spring water, and enjoy the fresh mountain air. In this way, we guarantee clean and delicious meat that is obtained in a completely environmentally friendly manner.

Grass-fed Animals

The BEST Meat for You



Our animals live freely in an environment close to their natural one.<br />



The animals feed on the mountain pastures of the Rila and Rhodope Mountains.<br />



For us, working with animals is not just an obligation, it's our lifestyle.<br />



Our philosophy is simple - we offer pure meat.<br />



We personally deliver the meat to our customers to make sure our products are always fresh.<br />



From the feeding of the animals, to product preparation, to the label itself - we make sure everything is perfect.<br />

Why Free-ranged Farming?

Free-range farming has been a staple of our grandparents for centuries. Unfortunately, since the years of the Industrial Revolution, industrial animal breeding has also come into play. We say “unfortunately” because instead of leading to an improvement in meat quality and environmental protection, industrial livestock production does the opposite.

We decided to go the other way and bring back a forgotten tradition. A tradition that compels animals to live freely, in natural pastures, without stress and without tension. To feed on pasture, drink from mountain brooks and enjoy the fresh air. Because they deserve it, because we care what we put on the table.. The end product is pure meat with a unique taste – the taste of “BREDAS”.

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