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Black Angus Beef Burgers 2 х 150 g

10.32 лв.
34.40 лв. /кг.

SKU: 380304044428

Beef Gourmet Burgers Black Angus

Black Angus beef minced with 20 percent fat, flavored with black pepper salt, mustard. Spices are added in very small quantities to emphasize the taste of the pure meat we produce and offer. The recipe is for a classic beef burger. The finished molded burgers are stored and packaged at sub-zero temperature in order to avoid disturbing the shape and integrity of the product.
* Burgers contain breadcrumbs, there is gluten.

Grass-fed Black Angus Beef

Black Angus cattles raised in Bulgaria. What you see is what you get with our grass fed, black Angus cattle. We aren’t willing to take shortcuts. Grass Fed Beef takes longer to raise, and grass costs more than corn. Why, you might ask, would we persist in raising a grass fed product? Great tasting beef that improves your health is truly possible. Not only are our animals treated with the utmost care, they are held to a strict diet that is free of hormones, gmo’s, pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics. This clean, healthy diet makes beef that is clean and healthy for the consumer. Grass fed beef is rich in cholesterol-reducing omega-3’s, as well as antioxidants and other heart healthy nutrients.


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